Who Am I ?

I'm Diana The Happy Lawyer.

I am a Brooklyn born Aquarian who grew up to be a successful New York City attorney and now, after 3 decades, I am moving on with the intention of teaching people how to create the life they really want for themselves. In “Diana Part 2,” I am using all my skills, experience, and personality to explain to others how to take control of their lives and genuinely appreciate every day.

I always loved helping people. As an attorney, I helped ordinary people and attorneys in the courtroom turning overwhelming complex problems into easily understood challenges with solutions. And not only legal issues. I also helped people with personal struggles and business decisions, pruning away the weight and unfolding the dilemma to reveal new possibilities and desired results.

There is no better feeling than seeing the look on someone’s face who just had an “A-Ha” moment. That’s my goal.

Control Your Life


    The past is behind us. We cannot go back and change it. The past can only be accepted. Don’t let sandbags of the past weight you down and prevent you from moving forward. Just drop those sandbags.


    The present is the only place you can take action to change your world view. All actions – big or small – have meaning. There is no insignificant act. Every act has an effect. Every act has power.


    The future has not happened. It is the farthest thing from the past so don’t let your past blur your future. The actions you take in the present create your future. The future is what you believe it will be. So, believe big !

My Experiences

Whenever I told people I was “Diana, The Happy Lawyer,” I frequently heard things like “Is there such a thing?” and “I never heard of a “Happy Lawyer” or “You’re the only one.”

On reflection, I realized they were - for the most part – right. Most of the lawyers that I knew were not happy. Despite successfully completing post graduate education, working in a professional environment, and amassing enviable income, many were dissatisfied, stressed out and uptight. Not happy.

Counselling on an individual basis, I saw overwhelming trends in negative thinking, feelings of inadequacy and oppressive obligation. Occasionally, there were other “Happy Lawyers” and I wondered why there were so few of us. Then I noticed similar trends among friends and family. It wasn’t just lawyers. I soon realized it was based in our thinking: the overpowering force that makes things happen.

Over 8 years of research into science and the humanities indicated that our thoughts create our reality whether for good or bad. So why do so many people opt for the bad ? It’s a habit. A BAD habit. That’s the problem. The solution? Change your thoughts. Change your habits. Change your outcomes. It can be done. I have seen it firsthand, and I have created an online seminar to teach anyone how.

- First, bad habits must be identified, accepted, and their origins determined.

- Next, old fruitless habits are replaced with new worthwhile habits and ingrained into our subconscious mind through repetition (just like the old ones are.)

- Then new strong foundations are established and built upon to enhance success.

- Plus, the learning is fun, stimulating and gratifying.

Connect with me!

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